Sun & Sky is a new spa/salon on Livingston Street in Downtown Brooklyn that combines luxury with the art of body and soul nurturing. This is no ordinary spa. Sun & Sky is unique in the way it strives for ultimate relaxation by combining Eastern and Chinese practices and philosophies with a modern, minimalistic approach — resulting in a truly stress-free experience. We recently met with co-owner Edward Kurilla to talk about founding the business and got the inside scoop on what’s next for Sun & Sky.

DBP: Tell us a little bit about yourself and the business.

Edward Kurilla (EK): I moved to New York City about ten years ago, and Sun & Sky is a project my wife Cindy and I started about five years ago. The business is Cindy’s life dream. Shortly after we met, and I was looking to spend more time with her, she asked me if I’d be interested in partnering with her on a spa business venture. Of course I said “Oh yeah, that’s a great idea!”

DBP: Why Downtown Brooklyn?

EK: We were attracted to Downtown Brooklyn’s vibe — it’s a mix of everybody! It feels very genuine to us, and we feel like we are getting in on the ground floor of something big.

DBP: What makes the experience at Sun & Sky Spa unique?

EK: In opening the business, I learned a lot about Eastern and Chinese cultures and traditions. I was amazed by it! One of mine and Cindy’s goals is to share that experience with our clients through our services and our design approach, while also bringing a little bit of our own story — it ultimately makes for a unique experience.

DBP: Where does most of your clientele come from? Are they from the neighborhood?

EK: We mostly see Brooklynites. We were first discovered by people who live very close to Sun & Sky. At least half of our customers come from just a few blocks away; the other half from the greater Brooklyn area. We’ve found that people want to stay close, they don’t want to travel too far, and they want to support local businesses.

DBP: What keeps them coming back?

EK: You know, everyone’s looking for peace, and we provide that. What’s interesting is that we signed the lease a few weeks before the pandemic hit. It wasn’t great timing, but what was good timing was that people really needed what we offer: these traditions for relaxing people and getting rid of stress — that’s what people come here for.

DBP: What are some specials customers can enjoy?

EK: We have a lot of specials! Our two-hour massage special, which can be used by one person for two hours or by a couple for one hour each, runs for $120 — it’s our most popular discount.

DBP: So, what’s your favorite place to eat or get coffee at in the neighborhood?

EK: I’m an addict for The Little Sweet Café at 77 Hoyt. It really is just as the name implies. That’s my go-to; I’m fiercely loyal.

DBP: What method of public transportation do you use to get to and from Downtown Brooklyn?

EK: Subway! The subway is one of the top five reasons why we jumped at this area. Almost every single subway line in Brooklyn comes through this neighborhood. I sometimes can’t believe how quickly I can make it from here to Manhattan!

DBP: What’s next for Sun & Sky?

EK: Total world domination, of course (laughs). But that plan is secret, so I’ll tell you about this: we want to add soaking tubs, table showers, and other water-based spa services. We think people will be really into in that. We have basement space as well, so we plan on eventually adding a sauna and jacuzzi. We want to expand our current set of offerings and then see where that takes us!

If you ever need of special treatment and next-level relaxation, take yourself to Sun & Sky, at 222 Livingston Street for a premier spa experience. Explore their catalogue of services and specials, and let them know their friends at the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership sent you!