Downtown Brooklyn is increasingly becoming a haven for those in the market for fresh craft salads and creative vegetable dishes. These fresh additions to the neighborhood’s food and beverage scene have quickly gained popularity and transformed Willoughby Street into what we are affectionately calling “Salad Alley.” This culinary transformation reflects the growing demand for nutritious dining choices. Here are Willoughby Street’s current Salad Alley offerings:

quality greens kitchen
57 willoughby street

this “fast-fine” eatery boasts a menu of carefully crafted salads, delicious protein sides, and innovative vegetable dishes — including sriracha Brussels sprouts and Moroccan beet salad. The experience is topped off with a beautifully furnished and chic interior, offering patrons a delightful space in which to relish their meals in style.

102 willoughby street

Playa Bowls offers a taste of summer anytime. They use only the freshest, highest quality ingredients to create healthy, delicious açaí, pitaya, and coconut bowls, as well as smoothies, all with a focus on sustainability.

100 willoughby street

Sweetgreen needs no introduction. It’s menu showcases an array of simple, seasonal salads and grain bowls, each meticulously crafted in-house from scratch. The use of whole produce, delivered fresh each morning, is perfect for those seeking a delicious blend of simplicity and well-being. We recommend the guacamole greens salad!


At DIG, the meal-creation process begins with the selection of high-quality vegetables — the kind that may have graced your grandmother’s cherished recipes — carefully curated and sourced from trusted farm partners. It’s a simple principle, but the results embody a commitment to taste and freshness. Reward yourself with one of their yummy baked goods, from corn bread to flourless brownies!


This quick-service eatery specializes in crafting personalized grain bowls, salads, and pitas using thoughtfully-sourced ingredients. With a menu featuring a wide range of customizable options, CAVA provides a flavorful and wholesome dining experience.

Whether it’s meticulously crafted salads or personalized grain bowls, Salad Alley exemplifies the vibrant fusion of taste, freshness, and convenience in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn. We cannot wait to see what is next!