Downtown Brooklyn Partnership kicked off the fifth annual Bare Feet Downtown Brooklyn event series on Thursday, June 1. Families, passersby, and dance enthusiasts from around the city gathered on The Plaza at 300 Ashland for a cultural exploration via sound and movement with Mickela Mallozzi, host of the popular Emmy Award winning PBS television series, Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozzi, and special guests, the Thunderbird American Indian Dancers. 

The event began with a short performance by Thunderbird American Indian Dancers, an institution dedicated to preserving, protecting and showcasing Native North American traditions, music and dance for over 25 years. Following the performance, the group instructed a class of various dances. One of the dances was the fancy shawl, a dance where women wear a long yoke decorated with beads and long fringes while twirling in spirited motions. Participants also learned more about Native American dances and traditions with interviews led by Mickela between performances. 

After the interviews and performances, the event became an interactive experience where participants of all ages were invited to practice what they just learned. The evening was filled with laughter, diversity, music, dance, and attendees learned that Native American dance is not just for entertainment, but a way of expressing and connecting with their tribal community 

Bare Feet Downtown Brooklyn continues on The Plaza at 300 Ashland every Thursday from 6:00 to 8:00 PM through June 22. Here’s the upcoming lineup: 

JUNE 15 
The Ladies of Hip-Hop 
Fuákata: Cuban Salsa, Casino y Rueda  
JUN 29