Shared Streets Expansion 2022

Building upon the success of Brooklyn’s first ever Shared Street and the recommendations put forward in DBP’s Public Realm Action Plan, NYCDOT and DBP are excited to announce the creation of a Shared Street network across several of Downtown Brooklyn’s core streets.

The New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT), with Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, have expanded Downtown Brooklyn’s network of Shared Streets to more of the neighborhood’s core blocks. The expansion stems from the success of 2019’s Willoughby Shared Street, the increasing need to adapt public space for use by pedestrians and cyclists, and the recommendations of DBP’s Public Realm Action Plan, which puts forward a plan for the streetscape that prioritizes people over cars and trucks.

The new Downtown Brooklyn Shared Streets have been converted to a full time “Shared Street” configuration, where pedestrians and cyclists share space with vehicles that are restricted to a 5mph speed limit. Shared Streets are modeled on what has already proven safe and successful in many cities including Seattle, Pittsburgh, Melbourne, and Barçelona.

DOT and DBP implemented a series of alterations, including:

  • Curb extensions and shortening pedestrian crossings on select streets
  • Granite bollards, planters, street furniture, and new signage and bicycle corrals
  • Traffic calming measures with an advisory 5MPH vehicle speed limit
  • Signature Asphalt Art — in this case, Cekis’ Street Patterns — to pedestrian spaces for increased safety and streetscape liveliness

Implementation is planned for Summer 2022.

Find out more about Shared Streets here. And DBP’s Public Realm Action Plan here.

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