Downtown Brooklyn Open Streets

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the City announced that 40 miles of streets Citywide will be closed to traffic to allow for greater social distancing. DBP is partnering on the program — opening key blocks in Downtown Brooklyn to pedestrians and bicyclists.

By partnering with the City on this vital initiative, we can give people the room they need to practice social distancing while shopping, going to work, and enjoying the fresh air.

The City’s economic recovery rests on the ability for us to feel safe on our streets — they must feel inviting and navigable to workers, residents, and businesses. Closing off traffic, especially in high-density, mixed-use areas such as Downtown Brooklyn, will enable our retail, food and beverage, and small businesses to get back on their feet as they negotiate a new reality.

We hope this is just the beginning of a wider program to create more space for our constituents as we continue to grapple with COVID-19. Reorienting these key thoroughfares toward pedestrian use won’t just make the City more pleasant for the vast majority of New Yorkers – it will also save jobs and help save lives.

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