The Big Idea: Make It In Brooklyn

If you can make it in New York City, you can make it anywhere, they say. 

With the world’s attention on Brooklyn, we asked ourselves what it takes to make it here.

It takes a special brand of grit, hustle, openness to new ideas – and it also take the connections and capital of those who have already “made it” to bring success to the next generation of Brooklyn-based business leaders.

What sets Brooklyn apart?

As Brooklynites, we live here because we love the unique vibe of the neighborhoods, the diversity of our public spaces, the creative ways to spend our free time.

Brooklyn is a place where, at any given moment, a local cafe or bar might be filled with the founder of a future podcasting empire, a Dean of Engineering, a Fortune 100 executive, a budding app builder, a Creative Director, and the owner of a local fashion label.

It is a place where established companies do business with and right next door to bootstrapping startups and artisanal entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to be the connective tissue that brings these people together in an intentional way, so people can connect, converse, and come up with newer and even bigger ideas together.

This is what lies at the heart of our Make It in Brooklyn campaign. Because we are an economic development organization, we focus most specifically on the world of business

Join the movement

The Make It in Brooklyn signature event series includes pitch contests, meetups, panels, + talks, that support entrepreneurship and develop a networked innovation ecosystem. Our events showcase the broad diversity of startups and small businesses that make Brooklyn one of the most innovative and creative cities in the world. MIIB events have brought together hundreds of entrepreneurs with our burgeoning business, real estate, and tech sectors.

Talent Connect forges a bridge between Downtown Brooklyn’s higher education institutes and local innovation firms - connecting students to job and internship opportunities.

Living Lab is DBP’s initiative to implement smart cities technologies to solve urban challenges. We are partnering with startups, incubators, and other tech-focused institutions to use DBP-controlled public spaces as testing grounds for smart city technologies. Data gathered is then used to solve operational challenges and quality of life issues in Downtown Brooklyn. Through this type of collaboration we believe we can serve as a catalyst for smart cities entrepreneurs and technologists to create scalable solution to urban challenges.