MIIB Virtual Happy Hour + Meetup: Biomimicry in Tech

Join the Brooklyn tech community online this Thursday, April 9th @ 5PM for a very special, virtual, Make It in Brooklyn Meetup|Happy Hour, which will feature a panel of three Brooklyn founders discussing the topic of biomimicry.

Each of the founders is working on fascinating ideas based on the principle of biomimicry, and will share their stories during a half-hour long discussion followed by Q&A with the online audience.

Although an in-person meetup is irreplaceable, we - like the rest of the world - are adapting to the temporary new normal by finding alternative means of connecting and creating community. In keeping with the spirit of our regular MIIB Meetups, and in support of neighborhood businesses, the first 50 attendees will receive gift cards to local establishments The Rockwell, Livingston Manor, Circa Brewing, and Understudy.

So, grab a cocktail and join in with your comments, questions, and discussion!


  • Dr. Tanya Shirman, co-founder and VP of Materials Design of Metalmark, draws inspiration from the intricate nanostructuration of the scales on butterfly wings into company’s design of an air purification system that converts toxic and odor-causing fumes into benign ones
  • Danielle Trofe, founder and CEO of Danielle Trofe Design, is a certified biomimicry specialist who uses mycelium, the roots of mushrooms, to biofabricate products.
  • Pietro Filardo, the founder and CEO of Pliant Energy Systems, arrived at his dual-use energy harnessing/marine robotics propulsion technology through convergent evolution.