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University Open Air: Mind Training: How to Deal with Destructive Emotions. Tibetan Buddhist Psychology and Methods

Students will learn some simple and effective methods on how to deal with negative emotions, particularly useful for when we are overwhelmed by those feelings.


Tibetan Buddhist science and psychology teach many ancient methods on how to temporally subside/suppress emotions and how to uproot destructive emotions such as anger, desire, fear, ego, jealousy, sadness, guilt, loneliness, and resentment.


We will learn:

  1. Some breathing techniques: breath and mind inseparable and invisible
  2. Some yoga/exercises: body, breath and mind are interdependent
  3. Some single-pointed meditation techniques
  4. What is the main source of our negative emotions? It is important to know where and how our negative emotions arise. Understanding this concept, we will learn some analytical meditation techniques.


*Participants should bring a yoga mat or blanket—something to sit on.


Sat 4/20

Center for Brooklyn History
128 Pierrepont Street

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