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University Open Air: In Search of Lyricism

Course II: In Search of Lyricism

In lyric works, emotions are expressed through imagery, musicality, rhythm. Hence, reading and watching lyric works is a highly enjoyable experience. Yet, as the mermaids’ song, lyricism can draw us in to better drown us in what we’d turn away from: pain, grief, injustice, or our daily life. About her beautiful film, Happiness, Varda mentions the worm in the apple. Let’s look at a few lyrical works such as The Gift (Nabokov), The God of Small Things (Arundhati Roy), Happiness (Agnès Varda) Paterson (Jim Jarmusch). This course won’t shy away from the unspeakable, the overlooked, or the ordinary.


Sun 4/21

Center for Brooklyn History
128 Pierrepont Street

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