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University Open Air: Healing: Meditation on the Three-Syllable Mantra. A Simple Method of Healing Oneself and Others

It’s never too late to correct or make improvements to your posture, especially if it’s contributing to one or more health problems. Good posture is important to your overall health: it offers a variety of benefits including reduced back pain, increased energy, and greater confidence. Good posture also influences our subtle bodies and pranas and mind.

In this session, Dr. Chok will teach the optimum sitting posture, known as “the Seven-point Vajra Posture,” and its benefits according to Tibetan medical texts and Buddhist tantric texts. He will also introduce some other optional sitting and sleeping postures through practical exercises and one or two methods of meditation/mindfulness practice.

*Participants should bring a yoga mat or blanket—something to sit/lie down on.


Fri 4/19

Center for Brooklyn History
128 Pierrepont Street

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