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Leo Chang: Young Mong

Leo Chang presents improvised electroacoustic music for his 2024 Roulette Commission with Alex Zhang Hungtai, Tashi Dorji, and Che Chen.

There was almost an immediate clarity that this musical connection could only come out of migration. Relating to the transience of homes. We had a mutual understanding that while seeing different parts of the world is a privilege, the forces of Western imperialism are so tangible when witnessing so many environments that have been built in the image of the oppressors; brought up under the myth that the only way to imagine freedom is to imitate the colonizers. Instead, we improvise and experiment with the rootless, stateless, borderless. So that this music has no name, no claim to any land or place. No identity, no authenticity, no self. This music is temple in jungle. Shrine to meditative unpredictability.


Fri 6/28

509 Atlantic Avenue

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