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Fuente Ovejuna

Lope de Vega’s Fuente Ovejuna was written in approximately 1612 and inspired by a real 1476 incident: farmers and peasants of the village of Fuente Ovejuna in the region of Castile, Spain, rose up against a military commander and his soldiers garrisoned in the village, who routinely raped the women and brutalized and oppressed the villagers.

Lope de Vega’s words have rung out for centuries. His genius was to create a powerful theatrical mix of music, singing, dance, humor, and unforgettable drama. Though he wrote his play long before America’s Declaration of Independence, the French Revolution, the 19th Amendment to the Constitution and today’s #MeToo movement, some of its themes are sexual violence, class, collective resistance, and human rights.


Fri 5/19

$97 + up

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Theatre for a New Audience at Polonsky Shakespeare Center
262 Ashland Place

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