Shine Shrine Intention Walk, Presented By Brooklyn Brujeria

Brooklyn Brujeria’s Shine Shrine Intention Walk will create a walkable route of activated public altars to celebrate the strength, beauty, and diversity of Brooklyn. Centered around abstract geometric visual interpretations of justice, freedom, power, and other energetic states, the Shine Shrines will be composed of micro murals and embellished flags. By imbuing points along the Downtown Brooklyn corridor with color, texture, and ephemeral expression, the work hopes to lift the spirits of New Yorkers during this period of unprecedented mourning and loss.

“Support from the Downtown Brooklyn Placemaking Fund will provide a transformative opportunity for Brooklyn Brujeria to engage a diverse coalition of creatives in lending their talents to spread light, magic, and art through the creation of the Shine Shrine Intention Walk. By visiting multiple sites, the hope is for visitors to experience familiar spaces in an unfamiliar way.”
–Chiquita Brujita, Founder, Brooklyn Brujeria