MetroTech Company Releases Childhood Education App

Educational platforms have taken awhile to catch up with the fast-paced world of technology, but now they've moved a giant step forward with a brand new, groundbreaking app released by MetroTech-based developer, Homer.

Learn with Homer, is one of the first comprehensive literacy apps available for educators on the iPad. Created by education reformer Stephanie Dua and her team of experienced tech developers and educators, the app aims to aid in the development of children between the ages of three and six.

“We have been overwhelmed by the positive response Learn With Homer has had in its first week on the app store, and the feedback just confirms for us how eager parents are to have an early learning tool they can trust,” said Keith Meacham, Homer’s Marketing Director.

Learn with Homer uses the building blocks of reading and puts them into real world contexts that helps children learn to read while simultaneously learning about the world around them. It aims to make reading interactive and fun as well as allowing for greater comprehension of subjects such as history and science.  With an extensive library of illustrated folklore and poetry and a phonics program backed by science-based lessons,  the app also features cartoon characters to help guide children, from Homer the Poet Pigeon to Kit Caterpillar who is full of facts about places around the world.

“The single biggest predictor of children’s academic success is their reading level at third grade,” Dua said in a Learn with Homer press release. “We want to help kids and parents in the early years, when it matters most. So every element of Learn with Homer serves a learning purpose. But the app is also wildly fun. Our parent testers were blown away by how much their children enjoyed using Learn with Homer – and even more by how much their children learned.”

To download Learn with Homer for free from the app store, click here.